Pet and People Protection

The winter months of cold blowing snow and freezing ice were finally behind us. We anticipated the coming of spring. Waiting in anticipation for the flowers to burst out from the now unfrozen ground. To finally see the new buds coming on the trees, and the birds that had disappeared during the winter to fly around in the warm air. Now it is summer and people are heading for the beach, or the nearest swimming pool to keep cool. People are having so much fun in the sun, but one always needs to remember to protect pets and people from the harmful rays of the sun. Looking at the different Manchester awnings it is easy to choose which one will look great on your home. They add the protection you need for family, friends and pets, so everyone can remain cool on a hot summer day.

Bones and muscles and ice

I slipped on the ice a few weeks ago and broke a bone in my ankle. When the cast came off I went searching for help to get my muscles back into shape. The physical therapist at the gym I went to worked with me and explained my muscles are cramped from sitting at a desk all day. My hamstrings are tight and lack range of motion. As the therapist explained: When I slipped, the tightness of the muscles allowed the torque to travel to the bone, which then broke. I have always been active–I go up and down subway stairs daily, I walk miles, I stretch all the time. But I was not targeting the areas that, had they been flexible enough, could have kept a bone from breaking. I immediately found a Leeds personal trainer to work with me. She has now put the focus where it needs to be.